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Hello, and welcome to DiaperFerals! Home to some of the best art of animals in nappies! Be prepared for cuddly cuteness and über-dorableness!

Q:: What are Diaper Ferals?
A:: Ferals are non-anthro characters who retain respective animal anatomy. They may reflect human-like characteristics such as behavior, speech, and culture. Diaper ferals are a smaller community of diaperfurs and babyfurs.

SFW art only please!

WARNING: We consider this a youth-friendly group and a safe zone for young and old artists who wish to express their creativity. This is a group with a lot of AB/TB/DL content. If you find this disagreeable, please respect the viewpoints of both the artists and the members, and browse one of the many other groups found on DA.
Founded 10 Months ago
Jul 28, 2016


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74 Members
88 Watchers
3,193 Pageviews
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Padded OCs
Puffy by PaddedPrlnce
'Hey, wanna see my diaper?' by PaddedPrlnce
My drawing from Marci by prettykittysierra
Coda the Rockruff Blacksmith by holyknight750
Padded Pokemon
Fussy and Padded Pupper by WeeWizzyLizzy
Padded Toxapex by swickarts
[Commission] Baby Detective Pikachu by Veemonsito
Yo Luxio by Misty-Hooves
Padded Digimon
Padded Gatomon by holyknight750
Digimon Diaper Poll Winners! by GrimmCorneliusGrey
Impmon and Marineangemon by Avionscreator
Random Digimon Sketches by Avionscreator
Padded Ponies
A true true friend helps a friend in need by Zalakir
Project 2 by Neoryan2

Mature Content

Rainbow Repose by blueberryyam
Request from Nefariousvillain666 - Spike by dbRat-Cloid
Animal Padding
Pouty Isabelle by Baby-Days
Baby Isabelle by Baby-Days
doodles #3 by sir-dancalot
AB Isabelle by SlimePickins
Asriel Babs by Misty-Hooves
Better than a cookie by VJ-Rabbit
The best mom by PieceofSoap
Lab Testing in Progress by JayManney4Life
Padded Plushies
Grimm Plush by GrimmCorneliusGrey
Rainfeather's Story - Plush Play:  Part 1 by Hapo-Works
Diapered Pikachu - View 1 (Front) by jahubbard
OC Baby Cezmera Plush :Commission: by AppleDew
Disney Padded
Mabel by PaddedPrlnce
Mouse Trapped by GrimmCorneliusGrey
minnie mouse diaper by platipus86
[C] Finnick by LetsFallTogether
Padding in Games
World of Final Fantasy Tama: THIS GAME IS TOO CUTE by Diapienami
Padding in TV and Movies
Old School Baby Tails by BabyChrisFox
Padding in Books and Comics
Inktober: Pacified by FriskyWoods
Questionably padded?
Gary the Kangaroo (Toonsona V) by masterofevil44


Recent Journal Entries

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Sunday Group Blog for DiaperFerals!

I hope everyone here had a good week. I didn't get much feedback from our last journal regarding our upcoming 100-member celebration, so I'll link it here again.

Sunday Group Blog 14-05-2017Hello and welcome to another edition of the Sunday Group Blog!
Not much has happened in this past week other than accepting more adorable art into our gallery! I wish to thank you all for your submissions! Also, thank you to the people who have been adding things to our Favorites. Remember, the gallery is for feral-type (nonanthro) critters, while the favs folders are for all others!
100-Member Celebration?
Our group has been at a steady 70 members for awhile now. We are getting close to 100 members, so I think now would be a good time to start brainstorming a celebration for when we reach 100!
Sadly, I'm pretty terrible at planning events like this ^^'
So I need your input! What should we plan on doing for this momentus event for DiaperFerals? Please leave your comments below!
Featured Artist: masterofevil44

So, despite the name, :iconmasterofevil44: masterofevil44 is a really good traditional artist o

There has not been a whole lot of activity here. I apologize for that because this last week I've been staying off the computer, hence, I don't have a featured artist for today. I'm sorry! But next week I hope to spend more time with the group.

Of course, I want to ask everyone who is a member: How do you feel about this group? Do you feel it's like another 'go-nowhere' group on DA, or do you feel it has potential? I know we work in a niche area, so I don't expect a ton of people waiting to join. Besides, it's not about the numbers, it's about the community. Is this community doing anything for you as a person? Lemme know down below. Your feedback is welcomed!
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