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Hello, and welcome to DiaperFerals! Home to some of the best art of animals in nappies! Be prepared for cuddly cuteness and über-dorableness!

Q:: What are Diaper Ferals?
A:: Ferals are non-anthro characters who retain respective animal anatomy. They may reflect human-like characteristics such as behavior, speech, and culture. Diaper ferals are a smaller community of diaperfurs and babyfurs.

SFW art only please!

WARNING: We consider this a youth-friendly group and a safe zone for young and old artists who wish to express their creativity. This is a group with a lot of AB/TB/DL content. If you find this disagreeable, please respect the viewpoints of both the artists and the members, and browse one of the many other groups found on DA.
Founded 8 Months ago
Jul 28, 2016


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71 Members
83 Watchers
2,762 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Our First 50 Members (Happy Holidays 2016) by redfoxj
Fan Art
Diaper Cuddles by the0d0r
Baby Grubbin by GrimmCorneliusGrey
Baby Goodra by GrimmCorneliusGrey
Baby Scraggy by GrimmCorneliusGrey
Original Characters
Shiny, Diapered Mew by DuskTheRaccoon
Brother and acceptance by AldenSkunky
Alden the Snow Skunk by AldenSkunky
Sawrry... :3 by AldenSkunky
Shadow of Olmeria - Page 32 by IndominusSaur
Shadow of Olmeria - Page 33 by IndominusSaur
Shadow of Olmeria - Page 34 by IndominusSaur
Wooley's Capture Forme by Drayko-the-Pyro
Welcome Center


Padded OCs
[C] Emi being cute by LetsFallTogether
Colored Doodles by Hourglass-Sands
Diapered Dixon Greyson (BunnyboyDL94) by Bokeol
Birthday Bun by FussyPuppy
Padded Pokemon

Mature Content

Snuggle by ConejoWhite
Baby Poochyena by Rasile
Ask Mindset and Tinker Advent Calendar Day 13 by Neoryan2
Padded Digimon
Impmon and Marineangemon by Avionscreator
Random Digimon Sketches by Avionscreator
babyterriermon upset or sleepy by plushielover
Digihugs by toddlergirl
Padded Ponies
Project 2 by Neoryan2

Mature Content

Rainbow Repose by blueberryyam
Request from Nefariousvillain666 - Spike by dbRat-Cloid
Scootasquish by Hourglass-Sands
Animal Padding
Baby Isabelle by Baby-Days
doodles #3 by sir-dancalot
AB Isabelle by SlimePickins
Always Padded Ordinance by VJ-Rabbit
The best mom by PieceofSoap
Lab Testing in Progress by JayManney4Life
Playful Crinkling by Shima-pad
Padded Plushies
Rainfeather's Story - Plush Play:  Part 1 by Hapo-Works
Diapered Pikachu - View 1 (Front) by jahubbard
OC Baby Cezmera Plush :Commission: by AppleDew
Cryo Plushie :Commission: by AppleDew
Disney Padded
minnie mouse diaper by platipus86
[C] Finnick by LetsFallTogether
Judy by BreHund
Nick by BreHund
Padding in Games
Link by Sylph-Space
Padding in TV and Movies
Age Regression - Lamby Dance by ToonBabifier
Padding in Books and Comics
Koma-chan by MagicalGirlMoemura
Questionably padded?
little Shaymin by jirachicute28

Recent Journal Entries

Hello again and welcome to another Sunday Group Blog for

How is everyone doing? I've missed doing this blogs on a weekly basis, so I'm happy to be doing them again. Your feedback is very helpful in keeping these blogs going and just keeping the group moving in general. I've noticed some new artists have been joining our group recently, so I want to thank you new artists for joining us! Numbers are nice, but it's the community that makes us a great group. No matter your skill level, your art is respected here and admired. I personally am proud of you all.

Personal Stuff

Following the previous paragraph, I have been undergoing a lot of changes in the last few months. I'm pretty much at the peak of my happiness...

However, I have been missing doing the art I used to do. So I've been picking up my pencil and paper again, working in Photoshop more often, and trying to be creative. I'm hoping to begin posting again soon, and it is your feedback that is helping me get to that point. Thank you all!

Requests and Commissions

Looking to put in requests for art? :iconmewshay: MewShay is doing requests. The slots are filled up, but if you can come up with something that he likes, then he'll more likely draw it. As usual, visiting his gallery would give you a better idea of his art, and it is worth checking out!

Requests [Open]So, requests are open.
I'll be opening 5 slots, which are a lot. To grab a slot just comment this journal, tell me if you prefer crash or spyro and write down all the possible details you can think of. I'm free to refuse anything which I'm not okay drawing (mainly obesity, vore and ultra-musculars) or anything I'm not comfortable with. I'm okay NSFW content, but I would prefer to not do too much of it. Also, just one picture per person with 2 characters max., if you want to add one of mine he won't count for the total. Everyone that entered in the previous batch (On FA) or whose character has been drawn as a request in the previous batch cannot enter this one. I will delete every entry that doesn't follow the rules, no whining or getting angry. I'm free to add extra slots if there are particularly good ideas or characters I really like. And please don't send me messages asking for a slot.
- :iconLolorama2:
- :iconHarrisonButtergem:
- :iconDiamondTY:
- :iconNefariousVillain666:

And as always, please be sure to check our Featured Folder for additional info on who's doing commissions. Support your favorite diaper artists! ^^

50 Subs!

Congrats to :icongrimmcorneliusgrey: GrimmCorneliusGrey for making it to 50 subs on his YouTube channel! He's going to do some special things for his fans. He's actually a pretty funny lets-player, with some additional random stuff added in. Please visit his channel and give him a sub, or a sub-sandwich, or a submarine...

Youtube Subscriber Special Video Ideas50 Subs - Shoutouts to all publicly visable subs and Q&A video
100 Subs - Shoutouts again. Q&A, an Personal Story Time!
We're technically at 50 subs now, so be expecting that video soon :)
In the mean time please feel free to ask questions in the comments! :D

Feature Artist: Pawprint-Padding
Pawprint Padding (Maroon-Black) by Pawprint-Padding

:iconpawprint-padding: Pawprint-Padding has a very diverse gallery with all kinds of critters in padding! He makes use of bold colors and clean lines to give his art a pop, much resembling something worthy of vinyl stickers and badges. If you are looking for a custom icon or avatar, this artist would be a great pick.

Here are some of his works...

336 - Seviper by Pawprint-Padding Poofy Arcanine by Pawprint-Padding Real Estate Issues by Pawprint-Padding Poofy Toothy by Pawprint-Padding The Naughty Side of the Cougar by Pawprint-Padding Malachite by Pawprint-Padding True Monochrome by Pawprint-Padding Mudkip's Surprising Accident by Pawprint-Padding Nice Booty, Bonnie by Pawprint-Padding Fanart Monthly - Mar 2016 by Pawprint-Padding Fanart Monthly - Feb 2016 by Pawprint-Padding Fanart Monthly - Apr 2016 by Pawprint-Padding Pouty Piney by Pawprint-Padding Harold's Secret Fetish by Pawprint-Padding Nutty's Diapers are ... Edible? by Pawprint-Padding

His gallery contains older artwork as well, so it's very cool to go back and look at how he progressed as an artist. Considering visiting and giving him a comment, fav, or a watch!


Thank you all for reading and I'll see you next week!
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